Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pet Sematary, Stephen King

Yet another King's trademark in exercising his skills in the horror genre. Pet Sematary is as tragic as it is horrifying though the latter wasn't as markedly horrific when compared to his other works that I have read so far. The downside of the book is that it's filled with a great deal of unhappy endings and some may even find this depressing to an extent. But I believe that that's actually the main point. King has a remarkable writing ability in creating a family that seems to be the best at yet but as the story turns, so does their fate and destiny. 

It's traumatizing to experience how he changes his protagonist from a docile man, loving and caring, to that of an insane madness and selfish persona. Yet, it's not at all nonsensical as you will see for yourself. The rationalization is genuine enough and the progression purely understandable. It's hard enough to follow through the pain our main actor has to withstand but that's the power the author possesses. The ability to create a certainty so arduous and distinct and catch his readers offguard. As it is to prove a point, he would then grind the concept all the way through so that the remnant of whatever trauma you may experience will forever be etched in your mind for a long, long time.

I don't find Pet Sematary scary at all... no... not even the Wendingo or the cannibalism, as I mention right from the start, it is much more of a depressing book than that which is meant to scare. Turn of the century perhaps... that's what may have changed our perception from the 90s of what's meant to be horrific and not. Then again, this is a good read, short and precise, and straight to the point.

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