Saturday, November 2, 2013

Balin Roof Garden B&B

This was one of the top listed bistros in TripAdvisor and seeing that it caters a great deal to foreigners, I don't see why not. It has a remarkable interior furnishing with a garden styled theme feel to begin with and it pleasantly accommodates and allows fellow diners to just laze about and take their time as they dine in on the simple Western meals. The staffs are friendly and patient as you decide on your orders as they live up to their expectations based on their decorative appearance of the bistro. Choose to dine on the rooftop to gaze at the stars, witness the sunset or just look down at the lights of Sandakan town - or choose to dine on the floor below where you can easily chance upon their garden theme dining experience; the option is clear based on your own sole preference. 

The bistro caters best to couples who are eager to try out their romantic candlelight dinner at the rooftop and as well as to families or friends who would just want to share a light moment with each other. They have a separate section where diners are provisioned with board games inclusive of snakes and ladders, UNO cards and congkaks to kill off time while waiting for their meals being prepared. The dining area is ample, wonderfully themed and carefully kept to ensure cleanliness as their main priority. 

Price is fair and I believe is within the comforts of many, though it is not anywhere near for the budget traveller. Might be slightly higher than the range of budget pricing, but you would find their food value for money. We only had their complimentary breakfast that comes in two orders - either the banana pancakes or the American breakfast (which comes with two slice of toasted bread, a cheesy sausage, eggs prepped up to your choice of either sunny side up or scrambled and a garnish of salad by the side). Both of which are a wonderful start to a heavy morning spent on traveling and discovering the sights of Sandakan. 

My girlfriend and I decided to give their alcoholic beverages a shot the final night we were there and we had the option to select from a varied list of cocktails. After a few minutes of decision making, we opted for the dirty martini and the margarita, both of which are beverages that I have never touched or sipped in my entire life. I can't account for the taste in comparison seeing that it was my virgin experience, but needless to say, you won't be seeing me with any of these fancy named drinks in a long time. LOL! It was a pleasant evening despite it being spent on purely drinks and on their garden floor (rather than the rooftop) and we had a marvel of the time just by their marvellous ambiance and soft, calm background music. 

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