Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sabah Tea

The best of both worlds would be to have their own coffee and tea made locally in Sabah alone. And here's the wonders of why Sabah Tea tastes way better than any other common tea that we get off the shelves from the hypermarts. It has no acidic taste for once and no residue taste that commonly emerges from the sachet that you would normally dip into that warm cup of tea. Infusion takes a matter of time, and the longer you leave it, the better the aroma will be and the colour would only turn to a lighter shade of brown, not anything darker, suggesting that it's antioxidant properties would probably be preserved from within. It has a soft texture and one that leaves you to desire for more. Drinking Sabah Tea, like the common Green Tea or Pu Erh Tea, makes you feel rejuvenated, if not, a greater sense of overall well being. Enjoy the pictures that I custom made with Instagram!

The common pack of 30s comes like this - they are packaged in packs of 20s, 30s and 50s, or if you're not a fan of sachet teabags, you can try going for the ones with the tea leaves. They sell those packaging too!

Flip it open and you see this - perhaps a small notable card to educate the buyers of the origins of Sabah Tea would be a much welcoming sight. Promotes tourists to buy too! But never mind, I'll promote them here. So basically all types of tea aids in detoxification and acts as a diuretic to rid your body of those toxic chemicals that you have been harbouring and ingesting the whole day. They also act as an antioxidant to combat all those oxidising agents in food dyes that you take throughout your day.

So needless to say - this picture speaks volume - drink tea to reduce the risk of running a heart attack - as some literature (unproven of course) promotes the fact that tea cleanses your arteries by discouraging plaque formation. Err... this is just a personal opinion okay, there's no scientific study to back this up. But if you were to look at the Chinese martial artists and their grandmasters in all variants of kung fu, they do live up to a pretty long time by combining tea in their diet. Japanese too, as they have their green tea!

Immediate infusion yields a green hue, but if you were to leave it for a few seconds more...

It would turn a lighter shade of brown and then thereafter, a slightly darker shade of brown before halting all the progression of metamorphosis in colour changes. =P How's that for promoting Sabah Tea! LOL! I believe the West Malaysians can grab these off the common stores of hypermarts coz Sabah Tea is more renowned throughout Malaysia, but not so much for Tenom Coffee which would need a bit more of an effort to get the word out.

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