Sunday, August 18, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

It was good, just wasn't in the line of being great. There was a mythical portion of tale ingredients in it that sparks off the youthful tales of Greek legends yet it was shrouded up by a bunch of teenagers who were dealing with the spurt of hormones and wasn't at all able to control them. Not good especially when the film is tailored more for younger adolescents. In particular the character Clarisse, takes the cake. She was a handful and I suppose this could be toned down a bit before the whole cinema becomes filled with her boastful arrogance. I was hoping for along the lines of Hermione. As this is a spin off legend from the tales of the half bloods, the whole screenplay is sold right off from the beginning paving the way to success with its only creativity in leading the audience there. And this burden rests strongly on the shoulders of the actors with a concoction of mixed ratings. Some were passionate in their roles while some gave off the vibe that it was better for them to be somewhere else. Generally speaking, the film was felt to be in a rush and the final moments was a deescalated excitement with an unbelievable abrupt unexpected ending. I was hoping for a tad more action or magic from the mythical creatures.

Then again it does has its' up. The cinematic experience was commendable with the significant use of CGIs especially that of the golden bull, the sea monster, Kronos and the Cyclops; and so was the background audio and visual support that were relentless in trying its best to entertain. Try not to compare with its prequel which was slightly better by average comparison and you would at least still be entertained with the eye candy of the CGIs. Oh yeah, and the title is quite misleading I felt as the monster didn't really had a huge role to play in this epic legendary movie.

Movie Rating:- 5.5/10

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