Sunday, August 4, 2013

Highlights of Cuti-Cuti Sabah

Here are some of the interesting highlights of my recent travels in and about Sabah - specifically to Kundasang and Kudat where my mind was challenged culturally in seeing things that I never knew existed. Or that I knew were there but never bothered to look deeper into detail than by just acknowledging them that they were present. This is going to be a portrayal entry filled with pictures for plain viewing and less amount of words. A pleasant exchange I suppose from the word hungry attitude that I am having these days.

I came to understand that such exotic fruits do exist and are only cousins towards the jackfruit - they are called buah tarap by the locals. My mother was informed of its presence just prior to her travel here and so she was quite excited when she found it. She bought one to try it out and it was quite an experience though I had to admit that the smell it emitted was quite like that of a durian. A turn off for me literally, but not for my girlfriend who walloped the bulk of it. LOL!

Gigantic bananas that you will never see in the West Malaysia. But even if the latter do exist, they won't quite match up to this one or the ones that I will be showing you next. I suppose the minions in Despicable Me would go goo-goo-ga-ga over this huge bananas...

Over in Kota Belud while taking a rest stop on the way to Kudat, I bumped into these huge bananas which makes up for half the size of my forearm or even longer had I compared it in more detail. I could just have it taken quickly as I didn't want to let the locals know that I've never seen a banana this huge before. LOL! There's even a twin huge ass banana right next to it but it's quite unfortunate that I didn't get to snap it. The price must have admittedly been cheap as this was one of the local markets. It's not their Sunday Tamu as we only made it to this place on a Monday. 

Visiting one of their longouse in Kudat at Bavanggazo while on the way back to Kota Kinabalu, I found that talking to dogs here can be an overwhelming experience as they would literally talk to you back as witnessed from the picture above. Though of course, I may just have been experiencing auditory hallucinations. LOL! 

Spent about an hour over at the rest area in the longhouse as part of the touring package to Kudat's Tip of Borneo to have lunch. This type of cooking reminded me of the Sengoi Village that I visited some years back. I absolutely loved the primarily vegan diet with bamboos, pumpkins and an assortment of vegetables probably unheard of prior to this (to me). I wouldn't mind eating these type of diet for the rest of my life as these are the sort of things that would not only keep you healthy, but strong. The locals are accustomed to these diets and they can climb Mt Kinabalu up and down without any problem... so I'm gonna make some diet switching from now on if you don't mind... =P

Oh... and by the way, before we proceed - even their cows in Kundasang can talk back to you too! And I was just being silly sticking my tongue out at him. Probably I was just expressing to him on how stinky his place is... heh heh... 

And we stopped by on one of the gong making villages called Sumangkap Matunggong which is known for their ginormous gong size as seen here on the side of their village football field. It's fully functional, took one week for 4 of these craftsmen to finish it and it was a marvel to ponder at. But can you just imagine if this gong was to be beaten and how loud the sound it would create? It's supposed to scare off the evil spirits from the local's village and this huge massive gong would literally do the job over a few thousand times. 


Blue Turtle said...

Love to visit Sabah and experience the place. I have a boardmate from Malaysia and she is always talking about the place.

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sckhsmc2007 said...

Hi thanks for dropping by... Indeed Sabah is magnificent... With the age old tropical rainforest and its majestic mount Kinabalu, its a must tourist spot for all... :)