Friday, March 8, 2013


A different take on the big hunky Rock character as he takes on the challenge to play a role without displaying much of his muscular body and his gigantic arms. In a huge contrast, his sharp physique is replaced by a strong determination that literally encompasses the whole story line. And the way I see it, the Rock did pretty well in assuming the role of a solid protagonist with a believable character. At least for the time being, he's opened up the academy of talents in a field distinct from his past.

Diehard fans like me of the Rock do feel a little bit of a disappointment without his showing of his biceps and pecs with a follow up of some punches thrown around at the weaklings, but at least there is a light of contrast that is being displayed here. So be forewarned, it's not some movies where his wrestling fans may find willing as it sheds a different take on him.

Movie Rating:- 7/10

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