Friday, March 1, 2013

Medical xMaladies

There are times, and most of it in actual fact when medical problems arises, and this is not in account with that to do with the deteriorating condition of the patients in the ward, rather... it is the poor consequence of the way the patient feels after a consultation. This would then result in the numerous complains being lodged by unsatisfied patients just purely out of the fact of poor customer service - and in this light, it is shed upon the young breeding doctors and as well as the nurses or the medical allied healthcare services. With so many complains being lodged, it is wise to acknowledge the very simple fact on why this is becoming a trend. And that brings us towards the very essence of how human thinks and reciprocates in the advent of harm or good. Whenever one is thrust with a poor and negative attitude, the other side would stand poised in an attempt to defend their dignity and honor. In no way, would their ego, be it the simplest of mind would they allow one to strip it off like peeling off a banana skin. Nothing is as ever simple as that. If it is, disagreement would not have arose in the very first place.

Thus... when both parties face these circumstances... these negative, challenging and debating issue, it would fast deteriorate into a depreciating event where both sides feel the hurt and a chain reaction would thus be ignited. This untoward dilemmatic situation would then propagate towards the main objective of wanting to hurt another person, be it physically, emotionally or mentally. In whatever there is, communication skills has taught us on the importance of defusing the situation with kind words and to avoid at all costs, such an event from even happening in the first place. But had it occur, one need to be wise not to flame it further as it won't benefit anyone towards the very end when the curtain falls.

There thus explain the ever increasing lawsuit and this can be very much avoidable with the proper communication skills that after all, is the prime essence and objective of all occupation/jobs. Taking that piece of a meal aside, there are some good stories that I'd wish to share. Barely into one month in medical, and I've already made some wonderful, lasting impression onto some patients (not all of course) - both in and outpatients and it all started off with a simple genuine smile. One that throws off a spark of genuine interest in wanting to care and wanting to hear of what the patient has to say. It doesn't really hurt to tweak those angle of the mouths upward... but it may seem like a murderous task for some whose name I shall not mention for obvious reason.

A smile followed by a proper greeting and a shake of hands would more or less clinched your compassion towards the patient and after all, that's what patients want in the first place. Showing that you are on their side and that you are approachable for anything and guaranteeing them that you will do anything in their best of interests to avoid all disasters from happening to them. And at the same time... also not granting and giving false hope, that shit can still happen, but you will be there till the end by sorting out and rectifying the mistakes that have gone wrong and try to jolly well correct them from becoming worse. Compassion, followed by communication and companionship throughout the journey of patient care is of utmost importance. And by kneading the dough right onto one's brain, you would soon see how such effective methods would yield the patient's goodwill towards yours.

I was taken off by surprise when there are patients who requested to see me personally for their health concerns and that some whom I have explained profusely regarding their condition and their worries; approached me with solemn thanks and asked to see me subsequently for their next visit. I may not be affirmative on whether had this been their habit of congratulating the doctors for caring for them, but I definitely felt the spark and warmth in my heart for persisting in doing the same for other patients. Not just purely out of the hopes of getting back congratulatory remarks or praises, but being churned and accelerated on the pedal by these remarks so that I can continue on the very effort for the betterment of the patient's healthcare.

There is a saying that goes... if you don't know anything, just keep quiet and smile. And how true that remains for all of us even up till now. At least I'd like to add on to the above saying, that one should just keep silent continuously, but listen attentively to their worries and concerns. Much of the answer requested of the patient lies within their concerns and worries. Addressing these and giving proper reassurance would almost guarantee that they will come back to you again in the near future because they are more than willing to trust you with their life. And when that happens, you know that you are on the right track of being a caring doctor towards the very end.

And... that being, after all... stems from the very fact of knowing how to talk and communicate effectively. Wouldn't you agree more?

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