Friday, March 22, 2013

iPhone 5 Panoramic Shot

Now just in case you haven't yet notice how a panoramic shot is taken or is shot, here's one sample shot that I've managed to snap from Alexis restaurant while my girlfriend was trying to get my attention on something. I noticed that my hand shook a bit while she was trying to show me something, but noticed that the picture was still as smooth sailing as it would/should turn out. It's quite fascinating that the new iSight camera attempts to correct the minor errors that seems to budge in (in real life) and it's quite interesting to notice that the boys in Cupertino took this into consideration prior to manufacturing them. The dim lit background however did no justice for the superiority of the camera compared to a bright or white background, but then again, which phone camera would be able to do that no matter how many megapixels you would bring into the feature phone? Let's face the fact, a phone camera is still a phone camera and is nothing compared to a camera per se. Thus, it doesn't really matter as a camera fitted phone is somewhat an accessory that increases its functionality for smartphone users and not a comparing tool to be used against when placing it on the podium to differentiate from other phones. But if you'd like to, Apple phone cameras are still superior! =) I can notice the difference when compared to my old Nokia phone generations with 1.2 MP, 3.2 MP, 5 MP and 8 MP and the latest S3 8 MP.

Comments are purposely disabled to prevent Android fanboys from flaming me =P LOL! It's just a light-hearted personal experience. So spare me ya? Haha...

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