Saturday, February 23, 2013

Time For Oats and Black Coffee!

And thus came to past the fifteen days (by the morrow of course) of Chinese New Year celebrations. Those who have the luxury to spend all the fifteen days on leave would have of course gained a few pounds or kilos during the process feasting off-handed on the great amount of sumptuous food placed on the dinner table. And working out is a dime of a news unheard of during the CNY break. Who would especially during the great celebration of reunions and visiting. That would literally be unheard of. So how to shed off those extra baggage that you managed to put on over the past two weeks and a day? Well... here's how. Start taking oats in the morning to replace your breakfast and night just before you sleep to replace your supper. That would take off the extra skin fatty layers off those abdominals in no time! And for those coffee lovers, you're in for a treat as these babies would keep your metabolism at an all time high. Drink it black of course and you would not regret the after effect of weight shedding phenomenon. 

But of course, please do start back your exercise regime that you have so long ago abandoned and kickstart yourself to lose some pounds before the next huge festive season kicks around.


shahieddah fazil said...

Hey there!
How do you eat your oat? So that you are not boring with oat. I've just started to eat healthily now. Seems bored with oat already. haha...

sckhsmc2007 said...

=P You can be a little bit creative. I put chocolate powder mixed with the oats to take away the bland taste. I would normally put 15 tablespoons of oats with 2 tablespoons of chocolate powder. Bear in mind, these chocolate powder can range from the original chocolate malted flavor which has a little sweetened properties to help you get addicted to oats, or Milo/Vico/Hot Chocolate packets. It all depends on your plans of limiting your caloric intake. I just put in the original chocolate malted powder and have been stuck to it ever since. =)

Happy trying it out!