Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hot CNY Weather

I don't know whether you've already noticed this or not, but come every Chinese New Year, the weather surrounding the atmosphere will start to heat up. The amount of sweltering heat from the scorching sun can be extremely unbearable at most and this would nonetheless lead to the ease of contracting sickness out of the fact that the body gets dehydrated too soon. This is without a doubt one of those common facts that has been in notion for decades. To those soothsayers and believers of the old wives tale, this fact may remain as factoid for many, but for the medical line of work officers, it is really quite common sense. Taking more of those tangerines, cookies, biscuits and chocolates or whatnots would increase the prevalence and lower the threshold of falling ill as the body requires a great amount of water constantly to keep off the invading bacteria. 

So... it comes as no surprise that each year as one sits in the clinic or the casualty room that you get so many people trailing in with sore throats, coughs and colds, flu and fevers. Really, so many of these people have been suffering it year in and year out repetitively yet they don't seem to quite get the idea on how to avoid it. The simplest of fact is to keep one's body hydrated and thus it would keep the doctors happy coz they have lesser amount of work to do. LOL! 

But then again, that's one truthful and surefire way to keep yourself healthy throughout the fifteen days of Chinese New Year. Falling sick and coughing your way through the relative's and friend's house is not something that many would want to look forward to. After all, without the fitness implanted into your physical shape, how then could you enjoy the endeavors that CNY has to offer. You just have to skip all those angpows collecting, those yummylicious goodies they have from house to house, playing fireworks, but best of all that is, to be able to see and catch up with your loved ones after a year long absence from your hometown. Being sick, just compounds the worsening factor and avert your chances of doing all of the above. So this Chinese New Year, let's be privy to the idea of staying healthy, by just drinking a great deal of water - that is unless, provided with the fact that your doctor has in first instance instructed you to limit your fluid intake, then the former would not apply to you. 

All the pictures above are taken from Penang. Notice how hot the weather are during the CNY festivities. This never fail to recur with each annual celebration. The heat is tipped to be more than the usual norm of the weather in Penang. And even in Alor Setar, as I return from all my CNY break, I could still feel the equation of commonly shared warmth of the weather. I just hope that after all of this, the place would be drenched from top to bottom and side to side so as to take away all those sweltering and sweating discomfort. Imagine, how much fungus would grow out of those unspoken crevices of the human body with such an amount of sweat that is being produced. LOL!

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