Saturday, January 26, 2013


Something realistic and local. A great taste of comedy and crispy humor is what you need from time to time and Collector ensures that on top of the laughs it provides, it has a great essence of a script to manifest to the audience. Based on a successful debt collector's life entwined within the underworld, the story tells of his twist of fate after he had his palms read off by a mysterious fortune teller. To allay the fears of his life being in danger, he resorts to that of a an atypical debt collector with a magnanimous heart.

Local favorites Yeo Yann Yann is also in the flick to make an appearance as our protagonist's child-hating wife. It all boils down to good clean humor laced with some massive sarcasm as you will soon see for yourself, which by the way offers some good time off from all those hectic lifestyle. What I enjoyed the most from the outcome of the film is it's lack of reliance in special effects and thus one can really sit down and allow the true nature of movie making and directing take its pleasant course.

Movie Rating:- 6/10

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