Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blessed New Year 2013

Here's to wishing all my faithful and loyal readers a blessed New Year 2013! May you continue to reflect on what's done and past and focus on what you can improve better in the years that is to come. May 2013 also be a fresh new start as to the things that you have yet to accomplish or failed to accomplish in 2012 and may it grant you a triumphant opportunity in venturing into something big that you have always been wishing for all this while.

And as for me, I'm glad that 2012 is finally over after dreading on my postgraduate exams. At least for now, I don't have to worry and fret over studying relentlessly and be anxious over the major hype of passing exams. I'm glad that I could rest on my laurels for the remaining months of 2012 after obtaining my results, knowing for a fact that I deserve it before my big start in 2013 when I change departments and start to get myself even more busy. Other venues of success, as I look back and thank God for the blessings that HE has given unto me would be my dear2's baptism and confirmation into the church membership - which is considerably a large heavenly success and that she has ever since continued to be faithful in her works of Christ's journey.

Of course, there are ups and downs, and the downs being that of the past 2 admissions that I have to dwell with in the month of February 2012 and not forgetting the pains that I suffered all over December with regards to my gums and teeth. I'm glad that God answered my prayers and heal me over time although I am upset about the fact that I can no longer lift weights and whatnots, but I was taught and educated on the primary importance not to lose focus in my journey with Christ; lest I get too obsessed over things that are of earth's way.

There are many more important things out there, and I am hopeful and mindful that the many of you must have listed down the amount of resolutions for the New Year that you aim to accomplish. I wish you the very best in accomplishing them this year and just want to wish you again a very blessed New Year 2013. God bless!

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