Sunday, December 30, 2012

Of Garlics and Salt

'Twas Christmas again, that time of the year where the reds and greens drew nigh and the jolly old youngsters were high, kids were creeping for a place to hide, just in case Santa comes down from the chimney to look for a bite... the cookies of course. How rhyme-y that sounds, but I can assure you that it was none of my intention to do that.

Christmas has come and gone and a brand New Year is about to start and we are all glad that the world is not going to the crumbles yet. At least not for now. So what did I actually do during this Christmassy season where I am sure that most would have partied their hats off and forgot to zip up the next day. Lol! Typically much the same... 'xcept for the fact that I went on with the day with a terrible gum ache, if at all, there happens to be a meaning for it, you know?

Just on Christmas Eve, I had gotten myself a bunch of rock salts off Tesco while shopping for groceries. Now, pause there for a second, I'm sure you must have caught the focus on the last sentence of doing groceries on the Eve of one of the most sought after festivals of the year, instead of me saying that I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping for gifts and stuffs, but yeah... that's exactly what I did... Pathetic? Well... I'd like to be bent on saying that it's all part and parcel of a doctor's life, but who am I kidding nowadays especially with the public having known how relaxing our doctors are nowadays what with the great influx of them graduating every year to fill up the blind spots... That's what people want to think... but then again, let us not digress...

Now see what you made me do... what started out as an idea of introducing you to something soon became a deviation of the standards. Skewed so much that I guess I better stop now. Right... so I was mentioning that I have some gum ache of late, and having read up a great deal of stuffs relating to dentistry and self-diagnosing myself, I soon began on a journey to treat myself. Of course, that was after having seen three dentists before coming to a conclusion of wanting to learn more ways and alternative to make myself better. Four dentist visit over the interval spanning one month was not something many would do, unless of course, you was having some sort of terrible, terrible gum or root disease that requires several visits to get it crowned.

Thus after reading up on the great benefits of gargling salt and applying garlic on the site of aches, I sort to get myself two large packets of Himalayan rock salt and some cloves of garlic home to apply on the Eve of Christmas. I too remembered that I had an ulcer from one of the gums due to the frequent hard rubbing and massaging over at that area due to the pain... that was right before I discovered the benefits of garlic. So as I got home, I sliced a piece of that garlic clove, smashed it to juice it out and then took the whole piece and pressed over at that sore area where the ulcer was sitting.

My response was indescribable... so... here's a picture of Macaulay Culkin applying aftershave to tell you how it looks like...

But at least the pain was remediable with the garlic, and then I was on a mission to apply it everyday followed by 6-7 more times of salt gargling, which sought immediate recovery by 3-4 days time. The ulcer healed rapidly, much more rapid than Bonjela gel and by then, it was already gone. The ulcer was pretty big measuring 1 cm height by 5 cm length and it was one heck of a sore causing much difficulty in my facial expression. Thus, I had to remain dull and sad throughout most of the day, and even on the day of Christmas Day. Now how despicable of me...

But at least, now I'm in good shape with only some slight sensitivity remaining and on top of that, I've found two lovers which to many would find them totally repulsive and unattractive. But what can I do?

Ohhh... garlic and salt! Thank goodness, onions weren't described in the traditional home remedies of tooth and gum ache, else my life would be triply horrible now wouldn't it be?

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